Cleanse & Detox Set

Cleanse & Detox Set

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Do you want your cute friends to have gorgeous-looking fur and smell great? With our shampoo in the HiPet Cleanse & Detox Set, you can purify the skin and fur from dirt, as well as providing a shiny and healthy fur appearance with the conditioner.


Purifying Shampoo:

✔ Cleans the skin and fur of your dear friends deeply.

✔ Protects the fatty tissue on the skin and fur, prevents the formation of bad odor after washing.

✔ Reduces fur loss thanks to its nourishing and moisturizing formula.

Conditioner Shampoo:

✔ Hydrolyzed Keratin cleans the fur, adds shine and volume.

✔ Reduces fur loss and makes brushing easier.


Nourish and Polish!

With the HiPet Cleanse & Detox set, you can apply full care to your pet's fur.

1-Apply the Purifying Shampoo on the fur and massage down the neck until it starts to foam. Then rinse thoroughly with clean and warm water.

2-Apply Conditioner Shampoo on damp fur and massage down the neck until it starts to foam.

3-Then rinse thoroughly with clean, lukewarm water.

4- Dry the fur with a towel or hair dryer, comb the damp fur thoroughly.

5-Brush the fur thoroughly after drying.