HiPet Stain Remover and Odor Spray

HiPet Stain Remover and Odor Spray

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With the HiPet Home Collection Set, the little mischief of your pawed friends will no longer be a problem. With the stain remover spray in the set, urea and stains will no longer be a concern, and with the deodorant spray, you can say your final goodbey to he unpleasant. Thanks to the formula specially produced for pets, you will be able to enjoy the freshness without distressing your cute friend.

Stain Remover Spray:

✔ It dissolves urea stains 100%.

✔ Removes stains such as urine, feces and vomit from all fabrics and surfaces.

✔ It guides your little friends not to defecate again on the applied area.

Deodorizing Spray:

✔ Developed to absorb bad odors caused by your cute friends.

✔ It gives a fresh aura to the living areas when sprayed 1-2 times.

✔ Suitable for direct use on carpets, curtains, fabrics and home floors.


The End of Bad Odors and Stains Has Come!

1-Shake well before using HiPet Stain Remover Spray. Spray on the stained surface and wipe with the help of a damp cloth.

2-Afterwards, spray HiPet Deodorizing Spray on carpets, clothes, curtains and room surfaces by holding the bottle upright.

3-In minutes, you will have removed the stains and gotten rid of the bad smells that permeate the house.